Crafting the
{competitive} brand messages your business needs to connect, then shouting 'em from the rooftop via {compelling} content and copy.

This? This is what I {Carinda} call ‘Co.’…

And it’s how I’ll partner with you to define your place in your market. Harness your ideal customers’ attention. Help you win their business over all the rest. And propel you towards your ultimate success.

Words are *the* most powerful tool you have in business.

They connect you with your potential customers. Steal their hearts and win their minds. Turn them from lookers to loyal brand lovers. And then make you sales by showing that *you* are the perfect solution for *them*… over all the rest.

And it’s time we harness that power for you.

At the end of the day you got into business to stand out. To succeed. So it’s time we make that happen. You bring your business. I’ll bring the words + strategy. And together, we’ll drive you towards your wildest business goals.

PS: One of the best bits? I’ll do it affordably, strategically and with serious street credibility too. ‘Cause business is tough enough already so my mission is to be that {seriously skilled} side-kick that helps make it way un-tough-er.

Services + Solutions

Compelling Brand Strategy.

Stand out in your market and show why choose you.

You didn’t get into business to be like all the rest. It’s time to define a unique space in your market. Clarify your entire brand message. And show customers exactly why choose you over all the rest.

Copywriting that Converts.

Copywriting + content that builds you a better business.

Powerful copy and content that will resonate with your ideal customers and drive them to not only feel connected, but to convert. Words for your business that don’t just sound good. They do good.

Copy Audits + Consultation.

Your sounding board. Problem solver. Guiding light.

1:1 sessions that will help you craft your profitable offer. Audits to get your copy to compel and convert. And all the word-nerd support in between. Through expert support, I’ll get you to where you want to be.


Meet The Team.

This is Co. is made
up of Carinda {Director} and Evie {Bestest Girl}... one is great with words and the other one sleeps on the job. I'll let you work out who is who.

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