Top 10 Emerging Marketing Trends for 2024

As the marketing landscape evolves, we've gathered insights from COOs, Founders, and other industry leaders to spotlight ten emerging trends. From balancing automation with humanity to prioritizing brand social responsibility, these professionals shed light on the pivotal strategies businesses should embrace in 2024.
marketing trends for 2024
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    Marketing trends for 2024 are already making waves as we venture further into the year. This isn’t just about the next big thing in tech; it’s about how we genuinely connect with our audience. In this article, we’ll casually explore a range of topics, from the art of blending automation with personal touch, to embracing green campaigns, and experimenting with new-age advertising tactics.

    So, settle in and let’s explore these intriguing developments together, with insights from some of the industry’s leading experts.

    Marketing Trends for 2024 According to 10 Marketing Experts

    Balancing Automation With Humanity

    An emerging marketing trend for 2024 that businesses should be acutely aware of as we transition into 2024 is the balance between automation and humanity. In my experience, and something we’ve been focusing on at TechNews, the integration of automated processes in marketing has become increasingly prevalent. 

    Automation offers efficiency and scalability, but it’s crucial not to lose the human touch that fosters genuine customer connections. Balancing these elements is key. Automation can handle routine tasks, like sending out email campaigns or segmenting audiences, but human insight is essential for understanding nuanced customer needs and delivering personalized experiences. 

    We’ve found that the most successful marketing strategies use automation to enhance, not replace, the personal elements of customer interaction. This trend towards balancing technology with a human-centric approach is not just about improving customer experiences; it’s about building long-lasting relationships and trust.

    Neil Hodgson-Coyle, COO, TechNews180

    Using Faux Out-of-Home Advertising

    The faux out-of-home advertising trend (or FOOH) has been the breakout trend at the tail end of 2023, and since the success of Maybelline’s eyelash wands on London Tubes, the trend has been imitated by hundreds of other brands—some successfully, and some not so much. 

    The FOOH trend is recognizable as hyper-realistic, augmented reality, or CGI-based digital ads that appear like user-generated, real-world OOH activations. When done correctly and with creativity, the FOOH trend feels like a return to the days of viral content, generating a huge amount of views and brand currency.

    Ryan Stone, Founder and Creative Director, Lambda Films

    Embracing Eco-Conscious Marketing

    As we enter 2024, businesses should take note of the emerging marketing trend for 2024 that is focused on sustainability and eco-consciousness. This trend is driven by increasing consumer demand for environmentally and socially responsible products and services, along with regulatory pressure and the potential for enhanced brand reputation and loyalty. Companies that prioritize sustainability can seize opportunities for content marketing, product innovation, and gaining a competitive edge. 

    Sustainability is not just a passing trend but a critical factor for long-term business viability, making it essential for businesses to align their marketing efforts with eco-conscious practices and transparently communicate their sustainability initiatives to resonate with environmentally conscious consumers and secure their place in a changing market landscape.

    Madison Tong, Marketing Analyst, My Supplement Store

    Optimizing for Voice Search

    An emerging marketing trend for 2024 is voice search optimization. With the rise of smart speakers and voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, more people are using voice search for their everyday internet queries. It’s convenient, hands-free, and fast becoming the norm.

    For businesses, optimizing for voice search is different from traditional SEO. It’s about understanding and integrating conversational language into your content. People speak differently than they type—think natural, question-based queries. 

    Businesses that include voice search in their SEO strategy will be more accessible and visible in this new wave of search behavior. It’s not just about keeping up; it’s about staying ahead.

    Zephyr Chan, Founder and Growth Marketer, Better Marketer

    Combating Counterfeit Product Marketing

    Copycats and counterfeit goods: Illegitimate businesses try to capitalize on the popularity of brands that people love by marketing similar products of inferior quality. 

    These dubious products are marketed on social media platforms under the guise of letting buyers save money. Brand owners should be on the lookout for copyright and trademark violations across different platforms to help combat this issue.

    Derek Capo, COO,

    Capitalizing on Early Platform Adoption

    In 2024, marketers and business owners must focus on early platform adoption. Many niche social media platforms like Lemon8 and Threads have been emerging, and next year is likely to bring even more. Threads, in particular, could become a valuable new channel for marketers to explore.

    Being an early user of these platforms can lead to significant organic reach and a larger follower base. This is because there is less competition early on. Marketers and business owners should monitor new platforms to capitalize on the “early bird” advantage. Keeping abreast of tech and marketing news is crucial for identifying these opportunities. 

    Once a new platform is spotted, it’s essential to determine how your brand can integrate into this new environment. Authenticity and creativity are key to differentiating your brand and gaining a competitive edge over those who are slower to embrace these new platforms.

    Lucas Ochoa, Founder and CEO, Automat

    Leveraging the Podcasting Surge

    Podcasting is an emerging marketing trend for 2024 that I think more businesses should use. It’s becoming a big deal in digital marketing. The number of people listening to podcasts has increased by 37.5% in the last three years, and I think it’ll keep growing next year. This means that once people start listening to podcasts, they often continue, so this trend is likely to persist.

    A great thing about podcasts is that they can help people become more interested in your other content. For example, when you release a podcast, you might see an increase in people reading your blog. However, if you stop making podcasts, you might notice fewer blog views.

    If you want to be a guest on someone else’s podcast, you need to find podcasts that might want to have you as a guest. A good way to do this is to look for podcasts related to your industry. Being a guest on a relevant podcast is a great way to promote your podcast and get started.

    Precious Abacan, Digital Marketing Manager, Softlist

    Advertising With Short-Form Videos

    Video advertising is not a new tool, but it is on the rise. Since the popularization of TikTok, there has been an uptick in video ads. These shorter ads are more digestible and blend in with other content. TikTok also allows you to reach different demographics and niches. 

    Instagram has integrated Reels as well. Video ads have a much more long-lasting impact on the audience. This will become one of the most useful marketing tools in the coming years.

    Albert Vaisman, Founder and CEO, Honest Brand Reviews

    Witnessing the Rise of Direct Message Ads

    Direct Message (DM) advertising is shaping to be a big deal in social media marketing by 2024. More and more people are chatting through messages on social media, so every platform is working on making their DM features better and figuring out how to monetize them. This is a chance for brands to tap into this growing trend.

    Take Snapchat, for instance. DMs are a significant part of how people use them, but figuring out how to profit from them is challenging. I think Snapchat will start trying new ways for businesses to chat directly with users in the app. Meta is already doing well with its “Click to Message” ads, and Snapchat will probably do something similar, using DMs to connect companies and customers. 

    Since many people use Snapchat’s inbox frequently, it’s a prime opportunity for marketers. Businesses should pay attention to this trend because it’s a new way to communicate with customers. It allows for more personal and direct conversations with them. Plus, it’s a fresh way to reach people where they’re already spending a lot of time.

    Alan Redondo, Founder, Ardoz Digital

    Prioritizing Brand Social Responsibility

    Social responsibility is going to become a priority for most brands. The modern consumer is much more concerned with the ethical responsibilities of brands. As Gen Z turns into purchasers, social responsibility becomes even more important. 

    Fifty percent of Gen Z and forty percent of millennials want brands to advocate for issues like equality, justice, and climate change. Companies must showcase inclusivity in their campaigns. Eco-friendly decision-making needs to be at the forefront. 

    Equitable treatment of employees needs to be promoted. These aspects play an important role in customers’ decisions today.

    James Owen, Co-Founder and Director, Click Intelligence

    Well, there you have it – a quick but insightful journey through the marketing trends for 2024. This year is already shaping up to be a mix of embracing new technologies, creative thinking, and a real understanding of consumer desires. For those navigating these waters, remember, it’s all about being flexible, creative, and true to your brand and audience. Keeping up with these trends means you’re not just staying relevant; you’re setting a course for continued success in an ever-evolving digital world. Cheers to a year of innovative and impactful marketing!



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